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A Federal Court determined that the former owners and operators of were illicitly conducting the online business of sell replica Chanel handbags and wallets as well as other replica products. The Court's decision went in against the former online store operators and in favor of CHANEL.

CHANEL Sunglasses 5s Not A Replica


CHANEL Eyewear

CHANEL Eyewear adds a splash of elegance and beauty to every outfit. The engineering and design of a CHANEL pair of sunglasses can look good while heightening overall health and safety by providing protection from UV rays and being shatterproof.

Authentic CHANEL eyewear surpasses all expectations of any wearer of glasses and sunglasses.

Replica Chanel Sunglasses

Replica Chanel sunglasses would definitely not be a wise buy.

Buying replica sunglasses always doesn’t just hurt your pocketbook; sometimes it can actually harm your health. While replica Chanel sunglasses, often being sold at online outlet stores at discount prices, may claim similarities to genuine CHANEL, many fake Chanel sunglasses fail to provide any UV protection leaving your eyes exposed to the sun’s damaging rays and lower quality lenses used fail resist shattering.

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