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Sadly, this is not the only website CHANEL has had to sue to prevent the passing off low quality replicas as genuine goods. CHANEL is constantly monitoring websites and auction sites for selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets and more online.

More Replica Chanel Online Price Shopping, which had offered over 200 replica Chanel items, including a replica Chanel spring tote in quilted calfskin with double naval rope handles for $80.00, is another such site which action was taken against. offered knockoff Chanel earrings for a low price of $37.50 per pair. Also offered was a replica Chanel necklace on sale for $58.90. Action was taken against this online store when the infringing products were discovered.

Another is, on which Chanel replica handbags were also offered in 21 different styles, including a replica Chanel Caviar bag, black with gold accents for $229.00. also offered replica Chanel goods before it was shut down by CHANEL. Among the styles offered by Sacbelle were a replica Chanel Bucket Handbag in Black, Pink or White for $475.00.

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Visit and for more on replica Chanel online stores selling knockoff products before the operators were permanently removed by court order.

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